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The winner of the Teaching Award for outstanding new secondary teacher (south-east) is the focus of this practical classroom-management resource, as she meets behaviour and pedagogy expert John Bayley.

Harnessing her students' competitive spirit to enthuse them into learning, Spanish teacher Mirella Jerez-Rios divides her classes into competing teams where points mean prizes. Using this pedagogical approach, modern foreign languages (MFL) pupils end up practising their Spanish without realising they're being taught.

John observes Mirella teaching a small Year 11 class and then a Year 10 revision class. Pupils may complain about more revision, but revision Mirella-style is anything but mundane for these Key Stage 4 students.

An expert at making the most creative use out of simple resources, Mirella reinforces her secondary students' learning through a varied series of games and activities, making one PowerPoint slide and a page of a text book the starting point for a diverse, energetic and challenging double lesson.

And the Star Game, Pass the Envelope, and Spanish Catch are just some of the language games Mirella uses at Hove Park School.



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