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Stepping Up



Argyle School in central London is a large primary with more than 450 pupils. This programme shows how some of its staff juggle their classroom teaching with extra responsibilities in subject co-ordination and other priority areas.

The programme also raises the question of why teachers opt to be middle leaders. The financial rewards aren't great and the additional work can be both time consuming and stressful. According to the teachers, the key is passion and an intrinsic interest in the middle leadership role.

We see History, Science and PE middle leaders in action. All are young and relatively inexperienced, but they have found the role fulfilling despite tensions and stresses along the way.

Professor Geoff Southworth, head of the National College for School Leadership, also gives his expert advice on ways in which teachers and heads can minimize the stresses and maximize the success of middle leaders in primary schools.

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Published : Apr 2006

15 mins


Primary Middle Managers


Primary Middle Leader


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