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James Evelyn



In this pedagogy and professional development resource, a primary maths teacher seeks to take his teaching from good to outstanding, with advice from top inspector Clare Gillies and the Teachers TV online community.

Clare observes James Evelyn teaching a Year 3/4 lesson on data handling, and she raises clear areas for him to improve, including greater differentiation and making learning more relevant. James also gets advice from the Teachers TV online community who have watched footage of the same lesson online.

Maths consultant Andrew Jeffrey helps James with one-to-one CPD training, encouraging him to reinforce learning and get more out of pupils by asking them what they've learned. Voice and communications coach Ulrike Schulte-Baukloh then gives James tips on how to improve his presentation skills.

He then has just three weeks back in the classroom to put all the advice into action before Clare returns to observe a second lesson and deliver her final verdict.

Will James raise his game sufficiently to improve from good to outstanding?



Clare Gillies' Feedback - James Evelyn - From Good To Outstanding (size 0.0 M)
Clare Gillies feedback on the second observed lesson

Published : Apr 2009

30 mins


From Good to Outstanding


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths


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