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Improving Value-Added SATs - A Structured Approach



Middlefield Community Primary School, Liverpool, demonstrates how whole school structures helped it radically improve results and finish 15th nationally in the 2007 value-added SATs tables.

Headteacher Paula Judd has introduced a flattened the leadership structure of the school, appointing a senior leadership team instead of a deputy to ensure every staff member is accountable for their pupils.

Assessment coordinator Margaret Hunter shows how she uses highly structured class profiles and ensures KS2 assessment procedures are implemented throughout the whole school.

Year 5 and 6 teacher Karen Crichton leads an afternoon writing group where targets are shared with pupils in order to encourage them to become involved in their own learning.

And at a parent coffee morning, learning mentor Donna Clarke works on building a relationship with parents, whilst raising any issues in an open and relaxed environment.

Published : Apr 2009

15 mins


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Assessment



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