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Improving Value-Added SATs - A Creative Approach



Dalestorth Primary School, Nottinghamshire, shows how it has dramatically improved its valued-added SATs results by focusing on making learning fun.

Headteacher Paul Loker has put in place a theme-based creative curriculum, concentrating on developing pupils' skills. This change has seen the school move into the top 50 schools nationally for contextual value-added in 2007.

Year 6 teacher Sally Stafford demonstrates how she gives pupils a purpose for learning, with the pupils practicing and developing their maths skills through making nets within the context of a Victorian theme.

Meanwhile, Year 4 teacher Sarah Maxey makes writing interactive and fun, through a lesson on scary stories, and Year 3 teacher Lisa Newton leads the pupils as they hone their decision-making skills by designing and making their own pizzas.

Published : Apr 2009

15 mins


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

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