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Primary Support Staff - Career Paths - In the Classroom



In this programme, we give five 'in-class' primary support staff workers the chance to interrogate a panel of experts on their potential career development.

Often, the thought of moving on from a support staff role can be a daunting prospect; especially given the huge choice of career paths and the confusing array of qualifications and training required for new roles.

Our support staff workers question the panel on a wide range of issues including:

  • making the right career choices and taking the right steps to achieve them
  • moving on from TA to HLTA status
  • making the leap from cover supervisor to qualified teacher

On the panel: Lyn Sawicki (consultant to the Training & Development Agency for schools), Richard Hallett (manager of the Centre of Vocational Excellence for School Support Staff) and Lynn Holmes, an NVQ coordinator and GMB Union learning representative.


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