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Precision or Process - KS3 Science



Two PGCE tutors analyse a Year 9 science lesson on healthy eating at Haydon School, Hillingdon, taught by head of science Dave Dennis.

Malcolm Reed and Sasha Matthewman, both PGCE tutors from Bristol University, review footage from the Teachers TV Uncut Classrooms series, with the lesson centering on a practical experiment investigating the fat and salt content in both beef and veggie burgers.

Central to Malcolm and Sasha's analysis of Dave's lesson is their consideration of how to best balance the necessity of scientific precision with the fun of the experiment, and how the students engage with both.

This is part of a series where experts provide insightful advice on classroom practice, which can be put to use by all teachers.

Published : Apr 2009

15 mins


Anatomy of a Lesson


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science


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