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Independent Learning - KS1 Maths



Two education experts analyse a primary maths lesson for a mixed ability class, looking at the teacher's techniques for encouraging independent learning.

Teacher trainers Malcolm Reed and Alison Fletcher watch one of the Teachers TV Uncut Classrooms programmes, where teacher Pritti Poole takes her class through a lesson on 2D and 3D shapes.

For the main activity she splits the class into five groups based on ability and, in effect, teaches five mini lessons concurrently.

Malcolm and Alison evaluate her methods of teaching, focussing on Pritti's techniques for helping the children to become independent learners, whatever their ability.

This programme is part of a series where experts provide helpful insights on classroom practice, which can be put to use by all teachers.

Published : Apr 2009

15 mins


Anatomy of a Lesson


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Shape, space & measures

Whole School Issues

Primary Personalised Learning


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