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Continuing Professional Development - Primary - Within the School



This programme shows how Hillcross Primary School delivers CPD across the school by sharing and enhancing the skills of its staff, who learn from each other.

Teaching assistants at the school, set in the London Borough of Merton, explore the effectiveness of special needs software, while nursery nurses are trained to take a full part in team teaching in reception.

The programme also focuses on some of the informal professional dialogues that take place in the school. A literacy coordinator and a Year 2 teacher analyse their Key Stage 1 SAT results, while an NQT reports back to the headteacher on a monitoring project.

The SENCO briefs the deputy head on the training implications of the school's latest PANDA figures.

Published : Dec 2006

15 mins


Primary CPD Leader

Whole School Issues

Primary CPD

Primary CPD in school


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