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KS1/2 English - Reading Film: The Monk and the Fish



This programme provides an opportunity to view the short animation film, The Monk and the Fish.

Director Michael Dudok de Wit reveals how both the story and animation evolved, and explains how he considered many possibilities for the monk's shape before deciding on a nice, simple, triangular blob.

He used ink and paint to give his drawings a strong individual style before developing the storyboard and painting a simple watercolour for the background.

Michael explains how some animation tricks convey emotion and movement, how he worked closely with the composer, and how he animated the monk's movement to the timing of the music.

For Michael this work is magical and great fun despite the fact he might end up making fifty final drawings for each second of animated film.

Published : Jun 2006

15 mins


Primary Pupil


Primary English

Media & moving image


Whole School Issues

Primary Media Literacy


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