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Part 2 - Classroom Management



As she continues through her NQT induction year, Helen Fuller, an English teacher at the City Academy, Bristol, talks about the progress she has made, and the difficulties in finding time for a personal life.

The programme follows Helen through another day in the classroom, this time in her second term of teaching, and shows how she copes with a lesson observation and feedback session from her mentor.

Later Helen discusses the progress she has made with her Year 9 English class as well as her continual struggle to juggle her professional and personal life.

The programme is the second instalment of a three part series documenting a year in the life of an NQT, which will be broadcast over the coming year.

Published : May 2009

15 mins


A Year in the Life of an NQT


Secondary NQT

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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