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Teaching Exam Techniques - KS4 English



Teacher trainers Malcolm Reed and Sasha Matthewman scrutinise footage of a lesson on exam techniques, taught by English teacher Clint Michael Reneau at Haydon School.

Using a question on Steinbeck's "Of Mice & Men", the experts watch as Clint teaches essay writing techniques to his class, in a lesson from the Teachers TV Uncut Classroom series.

Clint focuses on the point, quote and comment writing structure, which he hopes will enable his students to raise their grades from an E to a C grade, and from a C to an A*.

Malcolm and Sasha, both PGCE tutors at the University of Bristol, then examine his techniques, discussing what works, as well as suggesting alternative strategies.

This is part of a series where experts provide helpful insights on classroom practice, which can be put to use by all teachers.

Published : May 2009

15 mins


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