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Capturing Impact



Teacher Steve Williams measures the impact of the new secondary curriculum on his Year 7 class through peer assessment, and by gaining evidence of the students? group work.

St Philip Howard Catholic High School, Sussex, has given 20 per cent of its Year 7 curriculum time to a "Challenge Day", where learners engage in cross-curricular activities designed to develop their personal learning and thinking skills.

Steve gathers photographic evidence of the pupils' cross-curricular activities to gauge how groups of learners are working together. He also gives the class self-assessment spider diagrams, and they use peer assessment to evaluate each others' work.

Later, headteacher David Todd gives his thoughts on the important role the school plays in is assessing the impact of the new curriculum.

This is part of a series exploring the impact and changes that the new secondary curriculum will bring to schools around the country.

Published : May 2009

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Cross-curriculum


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