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Cross-Curriculum Teaching



Secondary teachers discuss their own experiences of cross-curricular teaching and why they feel it enriches their student's learning.

The consensus is that you can?t just randomly stick subjects together, but how do you combine maths, science and drama in a way that works?

The teachers discuss why they decided to try cross-curriculum teaching, agree a risk involved is that you are working beyond your own subject specialism, and you need to work with colleagues to offer a really cross-curriculum project.

They stress that cross-curriculum work needs to be relevant and meaningful, and if planned well can be an enriching and rewarding experience for all involved. The teachers also consider what to do when cross-curriculum teaching goes wrong.

This programme is part of a series where secondary teachers share their tried and tested strategies for success in the classroom, from group work to creativity and time management.

Published : Jul 2009

15 mins


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