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Primary Cross Curricular - Ancient Greece: A Cross-Curricular Approach



In this programme Year 4 pupils at St Lawrence Primary School, Feltham, enjoy a visit to the British Museum to coincide with the start of their study of Ancient Greece.

Their teacher, Bernadette Solomon, believes the topic lends itself well to a cross-curricular approach, and that the visit inspires a whole range of classroom activities.

Richard Woff, head of schools and young audiences education at the museum, runs a workshop on the visual clues found in Greek art, and how they tell a complex story through just one picture.

Back in the classroom, the children consider modern artefacts and Bernadette uses her own storyboarding exercise to develop literacy skills.

The pupils find out more on the web and their interest in the London Olympics reinforces ideas of cultural continuity, change and influence.

For Richard, Ancient Greece has an enduring appeal for children and has natural links with citizenship, literacy and art. For Bernadette, using the museum as a starting point gives a whole new dimension to the way it can be taught.


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