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KS1/2 PE and Sport - Cross- Phase Collaboration



Wistaston Junior in Crewe has seen incredible improvements in PE and sport since joining the School Sports Partnership three years ago.

The school has developed a strong ethos for sport and seen huge improvements in this area as it fills breaktimes with a multitude of physical activities to interest everyone.

Health and fitness coordinator, Keith explains the Golden Mile scheme, which encourages pupils to walk, jog or run 50 miles a year. School sports coordinator, Phil trains Years 5 and 6 in how to get infants more active, while the school council provides toys and games for the playground.

After-school activities bring in the following experts: Joanne to teach skipping, retired caretaker Dennis for carpet bowls, parent Jo for girls' football and budding golf champion and pupil Lewis for golf lessons.

Teachers don't miss out either as they learn from the experts too. Healthy Week includes special meals, a visit from the Environmental Health Officer and ends with a Healthy Disco offering vegetables and water in place of crisps and fizzy drinks.

Published : Jul 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Physical Education


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