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From Cheshire to Soweto



A look at how a group of teachers from Cheshire, used to whiteboards and broadband, react when they take a teaching trip to Soweto, South Africa, where their resources are limited to just a piece of chalk.

This programme follows primary and secondary teachers from Cheshire as they try to cope with the new surroundings and class sizes of sixty. The biggest surprise for the visitors comes not from the conditions or the problems in Soweto classrooms, but from the behaviour of the children, and the attitude of their teachers.

The visit was organised as part of an education link that was first established between Cheshire and Soweto more than ten years ago. This programme explores how a foreign link can provide teachers with experiences to share with their class and material to inject into the curriculum.

It shows how schools from both countries benefit through cultural exchanges such as bringing traditional tribal dancing to Cheshire, and maypole dancing to Soweto.


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