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A Safe Alternative



This whole-school video on safeguarding KS3/KS4 children shows Alternative Education Service (AES) staff promoting inclusion in full-time education for pupils excluded from South Tyneside's mainstream secondary schools.

Some of Britain's most economically and socially disadvantaged families live in South Tyneside. The AES has the challenge of providing full-time education for the area's excluded young people, as shown in this video addressing behaviour and other issues under Every Child Matters.

Teachers at the Secondary Pupil Referral Unit are not only trying to improve pupils' behaviour so they can be re-integrated back into school, but they're also acting as an important support for vulnerable children. One of their key aims is to help pupils develop the emotional and social skills necessary to cope with growing up in an area of great poverty.

Although education has a clear and prominent place in South Tyneside Council's priorities, this video shows staff doing remarkable work with pupils in conditions which are often quite unsuitable for boisterous, lively adolescents. The staff aim to provide these young people with a safe place to learn.


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