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CPD for Teachers - How to be an AST



This programme follows Julia Mole as she takes the initiative for her own CPD, and investigates the procedures for becoming an AST.

Julia is only in her third year of teaching yet is already lead teacher for history in County Durham, and is hungry to develop her teaching practice further.

CPD coordinator, Marjorie Bedwell, talks Julia through the six criteria required to gain the status, and then takes her through a mock lesson observation to prepare her for the process of an official assessment.

Julia also meets current ASTs at the school who advise on how to put together the required portfolio of evidence as well as provide other hints, tips and details of their own experiences of the assessment and what being an AST has meant for them.

Published : Oct 2006

15 mins


Secondary CPD Leader

Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Careers in school

Secondary CPD


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