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KS3/4 ICT - Building a Multi Media Web Page



At Sir John Nelthorpe School in North Lincolnshire, award-winning ICT teacher Peter Humphries uses a series of four lessons to teach Year 9 pupils how to design their own interactive multimedia web page.

This programme looks at the different components of each lesson, highlighting the development of the pupils' ICT skills as well as their confidence and enthusiasm towards the subject.

In the first lesson, students research and plan the information that they want to input onto their website, using the theme "weather". Pupils then move on to producing and presenting studio and on-location weather reports, filmed by their peers.

In lesson three, pupils are taught how to edit the footage on the computer and to record and attach additional weather reports in a foreign language to their web page. In the final lesson, pupils demonstrate to the class the different components of their completed interactive web page, receiving feedback on their finished product.

Published : Jun 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary ICT Curriculum

Whole School Issues

Secondary Media Literacy


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