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KS3/4 - ICT Spreadsheets



Spreadsheets are regarded as one of the most dry and difficult to teach areas of ICT.

This programme explores how Mat Little, an ICT teacher at Parrs Wood High School in Manchester, develops pupils' spreadsheet understanding through a series of visual and kinaesthetic teaching activities, and by making the topic relevant.

The Year 10 students are initially asked to define what a mean, mode, median and range are using a visual numbers game. Pupils then move on to create a formula.

Students then work on computers to identify a variety of components within spreadsheets, with the lesson plenary involving an activity demonstrating the effectiveness of spreadsheets. The data-set they work with is based on the use and cost of mobile phones.

Published : Jun 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary ICT Curriculum

Whole School Issues

Secondary ICT across the school

ICT Learning


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