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At the Federation of Jubilee and Gainsborough Primary Schools in Hackney, CPD leader Rachel Spruce delivers a development model that links individual needs to whole school priorities.

The new model, developed in partnership with the University of East London, works around a key feature - the themed provision of staff training. Each term has a specific focus, and all teaching staff take part in weekly meetings to build on skills and knowledge.

All the training is at Masters level, whether or not teachers choose to submit for accreditation. The result of this approach is that teachers are being enthused and encouraged to reflect on their practice at every opportunity.

At Jubilee, Year 1 teacher Michelle Hepworth is part of a voluntary group that discusses children's work using a Collaborative Assessment Protocol; while at Gainsborough, Year 3 teacher Paul Robinson is already feeling the benefits of his MA group study sessions.

Published : Jun 2009

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