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Mark McHugh



Head of ICT Mark McHugh gets advice on how to improve his presentation skills from motivation and creativity consultant Richard Gerver, who focuses on Mark's work-life balance.

Mark delivers high paced and action-packed lessons, but his planning often over spill into his home life, leaving him little time to relax.

Richard convinces Mark to change his approach to work. Mark meets fitness coach Steve Wyatt and tries a regime of stretching and exercising, along with a new diet plan, which helps him become fitter and calmer.

Finally we hear from Mark's students, and see if they have noticed a change in his lessons.

This is part of a series featuring three secondary teachers from Cheadle High School in Staffordshire, who work with an expert to improve their presentation styles.

Published : Jun 2009

15 mins


Teacher Tune Up


Secondary Middle Leader

Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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