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KS1/2 Maths - The Decimal Place 2



John Rawlings, local authority adviser for Neath Port Talbot, chairs a discussion between maths consultant Richard Dunne and class teacher Pamela Morgan on teaching decimals at KS2.

They review the lesson featured in The Decimal Place 1 and comment on the different approaches adopted by other local schools. They also discuss the value of group work and how talking through calculations gives students a greater understanding.

The panel discusses Pamela's focus on the representation of decimals and how they can be written with the same value but a different appearance.

This programme also looks at the number stick and line method to introduce decimals and a teacher who uses an everyday situation, money, as a starting point.

One of the pupils featured in this programme, Rachel Harris, sadly died some months after the programme was filmed. Teachers TV thanks Rachel's parents for permission to continue showing the programmes, and sends deep sympathy to her family, friends and teachers.



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