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Early Years Workshop takes a look at how children learn through play and how practitioners can value and develop children's play.

Presenter Sheila Sage investigates what can be learnt about children by watching them at play. She also looks at how a practitioner can best plan for, observe, support and extend children's play.

With guidance from Diane Rich of the Early Years Workshop team, this programme visits Astwood Bank First School, Redditch to see how they incorporate play into an average morning in their reception class. Head teacher Chris Rider and reception class teacher Jo Haynes place a high importance on allowing children to develop their own stories through their play.

With a storybook starting point, the children are then free to play in the role-play area, puppet theatre, science lab, or outdoors with the dressing up box. Chris finds some interesting play happening in the Bug Cafe whilst Jo observes a group of children as they explore the world of superheroes.

Published : Oct 2006

15 mins


Early Years Workshop


Primary Teacher

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