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Play to Learn: Discussion



Led by adviser Sheila Sage, the Early Years Workshop panel look at how practitioners can best support and value children's play.

Joined by experts Jan Dubiel from QCA and Diane Rich from Rich Learning Opportunities, the panel invite head teacher Chris Rider from Astwood Bank First School in Redditch to discuss how she values play in her reception class.

Looking back at a typical morning in Chris's reception class, the panel discusses how practitioners can best create the time and space for play by developing a play culture in their setting. By providing the right resources and environment for children, they can encourage them to create their own stories through their play.

By observing these stories, practitioners can then extend the play further and offer more play opportunities. Through their play, the panel looks at how children address the issues that are important to them such as gender issues, the natural world and even death.

Published : Oct 2006

15 mins


Early Years Workshop


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Early Years


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