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Secondary English Using ICT



English teachers at three different secondary schools show how they use ICT effectively in their lessons.

At Easingwold School in Yorkshire, Philip Grosset uses an overhead "visualiser" camera to display material to the whole class. He works with Year 7s to convert prose to poetry, and demonstrates how quickly and easily he can show students' work to the whole class for immediate feedback and discussion.

Carol Weale, an English teacher at Dane Court Grammar School in Kent, uses school-based wiki pages and discussion threads to help her year 11 GCSE students study their poetry anthology. She finds they throw themselves into the online discussions about the poems in a way they never did face to face or with her.

Year 9 pupils at Ninestiles School in Birmingham make video trailers based on their set book, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The "green screen" video shoot allows students to add background scenery during the editing, as well as sound effects and music.



Secondary English using ICT: Additional Notes (size 0.1 M)
Additional information on the case studies featured, written by the producer of the programme

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