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KS2 Leaders



In this programme Glyn Turner, headteacher at Leighton Primary School in Crewe, actively encourages each one of his staff to lead in a particular literacy area.

Glyn?s approach to literacy, together with a shared vision with his colleagues and clear goals, has led to more children at Leighton reaching their full potential at KS2.

John Cooke, deputy headteacher, coaches staff and feels the school?s strength lies in everyone being a middle leader and sharing their skills. Lyndsey Colman, extended services manager, speaks about the impact of her philosophy club on speaking and listening skills.

Joanne Dyson, literacy coordinator, stresses the importance of integrating different aspects of literacy across the curriculum. Simon Dyson, curriculum development and review manager, explains how every child?s ability, achievement and progress are tracked and monitored from KS1, and what interventions are put in place if necessary.

Vicky Robertson, SENCO, stresses the importance of managing the transition from KS1 to KS2.


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