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Battling Anorexia



Hear three teenagers, two girls and a boy, talk openly about their battle with anorexia, as staff at a school and psychiatric unit discuss how sufferers can be supported, in this human health and safety video for teachers.

Anorexia is often oversimplified as an aspiration to look like models and celebrities, but it's a complex mental illness with a range of causes. Moreover, anorexia is increasingly affecting teenage boys as well as young girls.

Teenagers Lindsay, Rob and Constance describe their downward spiral into anorexia, which resulted in each of them being hospitalised. They also describe the catastrophic affect this isolating illness had on their physical health, mental health and relationships with friends and family.

This video also visits a psychiatric unit which deals specifically with adolescents with mental health problems, and a school which helped to support a student in their recovery from anorexia.

Published : Jun 2009

45 mins


School Matters


Secondary Teacher


Secondary PSHE

Human health & safety


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