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KS3/4 Science - Demonstrating Chemistry: Exciting Elements



This programme takes a look at some extreme chemical reactions and explores a number of exciting experiments that can be performed in the classroom.

Dr Kay Stephenson from the Royal Society of Chemistry focuses on group one of the periodic table and explains its trends of reactivity.

Bob Worley from CLEAPSS demonstrates the extreme reaction of rubidium and caesium in water and highlights the risk assessments required before attempting these experiments.

The scientists go on to demonstrate burning sodium in chlorine, burning calcium in air, the reduction of copper oxide using magnesium powder and the reaction of sulphur with both iron and zinc.

In addition, Professor Holloway from Leicester University demonstrates some rarely seen reactions with fluorine and explores the reactivity of halogens as we descend into group seven of the periodic table.

With the exception of fluorine, most of the experiments shown on this programme can be performed in school with appropriate safety precautions.

All experiments demonstrated carry on-screen guidance and safety tips.

Published : Mar 2006

15 mins


Demonstrating Chemistry


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science



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