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The Money Quiz



PSHE coordinator Ann Jobling gets to grips with teaching financial education by drawing on information from the government, charities and financial organizations.

Financial education was introduced to the curriculum in 2000 with the aim of preparing every child for the practicalities of adult life.

The only problem was that many teachers felt ill-equipped to teach it due to a lack of experience of finance themselves.

Ann, PSHE coordinator at Thornaby Community College in Stockton, said that when she started to teach the subject resources were almost non-existent. She looked for outside help and came across a financial charity called PFEG who provided a starting point and enabled Ann to build up a bank of useful information.

This programme follows Ann as she uses the internet, worksheets and files provided by the government, charities and financial organisations. We see Ann deliver a lively and inspiring lesson and hear what the pupils have to say.

Ann is joined by PFEG consultant Judy Short who comments on Ann?s lesson and offers advice to other teachers who find themselves in a similar situation.

The Money Quiz is designed for use by teachers and heads of department interested in finding out how to include personal finance education into school life and the curriculum in an engaging way.

Published : Oct 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary PSHE

Financial capability


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