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Adam's Reading Journey



A rare opportunity to see one pupil's progress in reading over a 12-week period, captured on camera by the teachers of Heather Primary School in rural Leicestershire.

The video starts with five-year-old Adam talking to his teacher, Becca Suluga, about the books he likes to read and share. We then follow him as his reading skills improve through a variety of strategies.

Developing his "self talk" or awareness about these strategies is a key aspect to the learning, which Becca encourages. The accompanying video diary footage by headteacher Lou Harrison includes both reflection on Adam's progress and discussion on the project itself. What does the video evidence show? How can video help in assessment? What is the effect on Adam?

Everyone is involved in recording and sharing the video footage via the web. Adam's mum reflects on his progress with Becca, Lou uses the footage to moderate teacher assessments, and Adam even starts taking over the shooting to tell his own story!

Published : Oct 2009

30 mins


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