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mediumblue Cosoleacaque, Mexico - Interpreting the Five Standards



Headteacher Clara Isela Martinez Gomez explores the knowledge and attitude that define school leadership through a pilot scheme at her small primary school in Cosoleacaque, Mexico.

Since working on the pilot project to develop new standards for school leaders, Clara has been inspired to reassess her leadership style, and this has had a knock-on effect on every aspect of school life.

Clara has implemented both an open-door policy for parents, welcoming both their support and scrutiny, as well as shared-leadership strategies which encourage class teachers to run their own projects.

The standards are also being shared with other headteachers, through an innovative local network that brings together representatives from rural and urban schools.

This video is part of a series looking at inspirational headteachers and the positive effect their leadership has had on the schools they've worked with.


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