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Improving Your Presentations



Gain practical advice on using ICT to improve presentation skills in the classroom. This video follows Year 1 primary teacher Lise Bosher as she gets advice from a fellow teacher.

Teachers present to pupils every day, yet many are still nervous about incorporating ICT into their presentations.

Lise meets Joe Dale, a middle-school French teacher who already uses ICT to enhance his own presentations. After observing one of Joe's classes, Lise returns to her own classroom to start using the presentation technology she has learned.



Becta: Improving your presentations (size 0.1 M)
Becta's viewpoint and review of the video
Publications: Improving your presentations (size 0.1 M)
A list of publications recommended in support of the video
Joe Dale's Lesson Plan (size 0.0 M)
Joe Dale's Lesson Plan for a MFL French lesson
Lise Bosher notes taken from Joe Dale (size 0.0 M)
Lise Bosher notes taken whilst watching Joe Dale's lesson
Lise Bosher's Lesson Plan (size 0.1 M)
Lise Bosher's Lesson Plan for Yr 1

Published : Sep 2009

15 mins


Better Learning with ICT


Primary Teacher

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