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Online Communities in the Classroom



Explore how to make use of online communities in the classroom as secondary French teacher Marie Guyomarc'h gets advice from fellow teachers.

Teachers often shun online communities and social networks due to negative publicity and online safety surrounding certain websites. But Marie meets Lisa Stevens, a primary Spanish teacher who relishes using social media websites for teaching purposes.

Lisa explains the benefits of using websites such as Twitter and Voicethread, and she demonstrates how to use them in the classroom.

Marie then takes on the challenge of applying what she's learned by using it in her own lessons.



Becta: Online communities in the classroom (size 0.1 M)
Becta's viewpoint and review of the video
Lesson Plan: eTwinning (size 0.0 M)
Yr 4 MFL Lesson plan by Lisa Stevens
Lesson Plan: Twitter (size 0.0 M)
Yr 3 MFL Lesson plan using Twitter by Lisa Stevens
Lesson Plan: Voice Thread (size 0.0 M)
Yr 6 MFL lesson plan by Lisa Stevens
Lesson Plan: VOKI (size 0.0 M)
Yr 5 MFL lesson plan by Lisa Stevens
Tongue Twisters (size 0.0 M)
A class hand out by Lisa Stevens
Voki instructions (size 0.0 M)
Yr 8 VOKI pupil worksheet by Marie Guyomarc'h
Lesson plan: French (size 0.0 M)
Yr 8 MFL lesson plan by Marie Guyomarc?h
Publications: Online communities in the classroom (size 0.1 M)
A list of publications recommended in support of the video

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