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Data Handling in the Classroom



See a Year 2 teacher overcome her own fear of ICT while improving her teaching of data handling at Key Stage 1 by using the advice of a fellow teacher.

Data handling is often conducted using traditional pen and paper methods in the classroom, but ICT offers an effective and simple way to teach data handling at all levels.

Lynne Hall spends time with a fellow primary teacher Chris Thomas and discovers the benefits of using ICT to reduce the data handling workload.

After observing Chris, who confidently uses ICT in data handling, Lynne returns to her school and creates an engaging lesson for her KS1 pupils using her new pedagogy.



BECTA: Data (size 0.1 M)
BECTA's viewpoint on data handling
Publications: Better Learning with ICT - Data Handling in the Classroom (size 0.1 M)
Literature to support the video
Feature: Data Loggers in Ecological enquiry (size 2.0 M)
Frank Fearns article on Data Loggers in Ecological enquiry
Lesson Plan: Data Loggers (size 0.0 M)
Lesson plan by Chris Thomas
Lesson plan: PSHE (size 0.0 M)
Yr 2 lesson plan by Lynne Hall

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