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D&T: Ownership of Learning



Behaviour management expert John Bayley helps a secondary teacher and an AST benefit from peer observation and co-mentoring as they try different approaches to engage their students more deeply in learning.

Design and technology (D&T) teacher Sheila Vekria has a mixed-ability Year 9 class, which enjoys hands-on graphics lessons. But Sheila worries that they find theory boring in their classes at John Kelly Girls' Technology College in London.

John, Sheila and AST Sophie Halaka work together using peer observation to create a fresh approach. Sophie offers tips as she watches the class work on a new topic, designing flow charts. She suggests a longer discussion on the objectives, to give the girls a greater sense of ownership of their learning, and including humorous examples to inject fun into the lesson.

Unlike Sheila, who puts her students into mixed-ability groups, Sophie chooses to group her class into similar abilities. After a lively discussion, Sheila resolves to try 'setting' groups during her theory lessons, to boost the confidence of the less able students and encourage their contribution.


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