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Behaviour expert John Bayley give two Early Years teachers practical tips that help them produce insights through peer observation, encouraging their literacy pupils to learn.

newly qualified teacher (NQT) Laura Green puts a strong focus on developing children's emerging writing skills and she's keen to encourage them to write independently at Hamilton Primary School in Colchester.

Laura tries out a new plan, which her line manager Lois Eves observes to be great success. Not only are the children writing enthusiastically, but some are beginning to assess the quality of their work, which John notes as exemplary.

In Lois's lesson, Laura advises her to inject pace by giving the children gentle reminders to move on to new activities. Inspired by the observation process, the reception teachers produce four key insights to push literacy skills, including involving children in the planning, making role play more active, allowing time for observations and plenary, and encouraging children to step outside their comfort zones.

Published : Sep 2009

15 mins


Peer Observation with Bayley


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Early Years


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