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Part 1: Finding the Gaps



Watch a primary teacher using the pilot version of Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) during her Key Stage 2 maths lesson, in the first episode of this four-part series.

Jackie Nicholls, deputy headteacher of Dickens Heath Primary School, Solihull, applies APP to assess six of her pupils' understanding of key maths terminology.

The Year 5 pupils begin to show their independent thinking in a cross-curricular art and maths lesson, and Jackie gathers some insightful evidence when she challenges the pupils with real-life maths tasks outside the classroom.

APP specialists Donna Wright and Louise Burnett review Jackie's assessment and discover that one of her pupils is greatly exceeding her expectations. There's also advice from teachers with experience of the APP pilot on assessing gaps.

Note that current advice is that schools should apply APP to all their pupils rather than the benchmark process, capturing and identifying smaller amounts of evidence than Jackie does in this video.


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