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To a 'C' and Beyond



Oaks Park High School in Essex has an outstanding maths department according to Ofsted. In this first of three videos we gain an insight into just how the school has achieved this.

In November 2008, 65 per cent of students at the school achieved a grade C or above in their maths GCSE. The head of maths, Stephen Froggatt believes the constant tracking and targeting of students is important for students' learning and the improvement of their GCSE results.

To give students the best chance of achieving a grade C plus, the department has launched a borderline grade C/D booster programme, in which students are offered extra tuition and revision classes to help them work towards a better grade.

However, three weeks into the course attendance is low and course leader and the deputy head of maths, Raj Jutley, has already been forced to exclude one student.


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