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Creating the Right Atmosphere



A look at the work of the outstanding math's department at Oaks Park High School in Essex. We see how the department deals with communication issues and how they encourage students' learning by having fun with maths.

Since the launch of the maths department in 2001, recreational maths has played a central role in school life. At lunchtimes students play chess and crack puzzles. The school also highlights activities such as World Maths Day, and encourages pupils to actively participate in lessons.

The good relationships that the head of department, Stephen Froggatt, has fostered between the staff ensure that any problems are quickly resolved. He has also introduced an open door policy so that staff are free to observe each other's lessons.

Meanwhile, Year 11 student Duayne has been taken off the 'booster' course designed to help him achieve a grade C in his summer re-sit exams due to his attitude. Course leader Raj Jutley is clear, he must be removed permanently from the course. However deputy headteacher, David Dutch has other ideas.


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