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Testing Times



In this last episode of the series we find out why strong leadership and a booster scheme are key factors in creating an outstanding maths department at Oaks Park High School in Essex.

The maths department has assigned each student taking part in the scheme a member of the maths team as a mentor, to regularly meet to update on progress. However, programme leader Raj Jutley discovers not all students are meeting up with their mentor.

Following the mock GCSE maths exam results, Raj is worried the department will not hit their target. Troubled student Duayne who was given a second chance to stay on the booster course, refused to sit the mock exam. Though he plans to re-sit his maths GCSE in June, it'll be without the support of the booster scheme.

And finally successful students are given the option to study for a statistics GCSE and a Further Maths Qualification.


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