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Trinity Primary School, Wolverhampton



Mick Waters, ex-director of curriculum at the QCA, now president of the Curriculum Foundation, visits an inspiring school, and talks about what he believes makes a successful school.

Trinity Primary School in Wolverhampton is located in a deprived area, but is an exemplary school and has great strengths in sport, drama, media and creativity. Mick is guided around the school by two Year 6 students.

Sheltering from a thunder storm in the Forest School area, Mick meets the reception class and their teacher Catherine Horton, and finds out how the forest school influences storytelling and creative writing across the whole school.

Mick visits the multi-media room and meets Albanian-born Sara from Year 6. He visits the school's dance drama studio, has lunch with students, and chats with TAs and teaching staff about a recent project in which aliens landed in the school's playing field.

Published : Jan 2010

15 mins


Mick Waters Drops In


Primary School leader

Primary Teacher


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