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Islamic Education - My Other School is a Madrasah



A look at the teaching and learning in two Madrasahs in Birmingham; the Zawiya Madrasah, located in an Islamic centre, and Madrasah Salafiyah, based in a more traditional mosque setting.

All over the UK, 200,000 Muslim students attend a Madrasah after school each day where they learn and discuss the practices of their religion.

On average the children spend two hours at Madrasah focusing on learning to read and write Arabic, and Islamic studies.

Madrasah teachers endeavour to link the curriculum to children's needs and interests. They also employ storytelling, group work and other strategies to make learning at the end of a long day at mainstream school as enjoyable as possible.

Staff, pupils and parents talk about the importance Madrasah education has for them, as well as its relevance in the 21st century.


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