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South Brent Primary School, Devon



Mick Waters, a former director of the curriculum at the QCA visits and inspirational primary school, looking at how it encourages maths skills and supports EBD pupils.

Two Year 6 pupils at South Brent Primary, Liam and Olivia, take Mick to a rapid recall maths session where he challenges the Year 6 class to a multiplication duel.

They sit in on Foundation stage's fruit circle where maths and munching bananas go hand in hand. After break, Mick takes part in a special puzzle event in the school hall with Year 2 maths co-ordinator Liz Fearne.

Pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties are able to spend time in the Woodland Den with Mrs Bishop, who also leads and mentors a group of playleaders and peer mediators, who busily sort out minor quarrels and keep younger pupils busy in the playground.

Published : Jan 2010

15 mins


Mick Waters Drops In


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Whole School Issues

Primary Behaviour


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