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The City School, Sheffield



A former National Challenge secondary school shows Mick Waters, a former director of curriculum at the QCA, how it has turned itself around.

The City School in Sheffield is a Business and Enterprise College. It has been a National Challenge School and is currently reinventing itself after some difficult times. Mick finds out about school life as he talks to a group of Year 8s about their experience of the school.

In the Learning Resource Centre, he drops in on a PSHE careers class, where an entertaining lesson helps students to start thinking about their futures.

He visits a Year 11 maths intervention class and talks to maths teachers who have helped students reach the 30 per cent challenge threshold.

He finds out about the highly successful link between The City School and a school in Lesotho in southern Africa, and spends time with headteacher Matt Percival to find out his plans for the school's future.


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