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KS1/2 PSHE - Self-Esteem



In this programme, two schools demonstrate some of the techniques they use to develop self-esteem, including playground buddies, school councils and circle time.

A variety of techniques to develop self-esteem are demonstrated by two schools, Saltaire Primary near Leeds and Riddlesden St Mary's Primary in Bradford.

This programme takes a look at a playground "buddy" system, whereby older pupils are empowered by working and playing with new children at the school. The use of the school council and the benefits of involving children in decision making processes is investigated, as well as a circle time lesson used to help pupils recognise and value their strengths and differences.

The teachers and PSHE expert Jan Newman from the Life Education Centre give their views on the effectiveness of these techniques.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary PSHE

Personal & social skills


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