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Early Sex Education



Some experts now claim children should learn about sexual differences and appropriate sexual behaviour from as young as nursery age. This video reveals the sex-education policies of three different schools.

In this video for nursery schools and KS1/KS2, Shepherd Special School headteacher David Stewart explains the importance of teaching pupils about their bodies from Early years age. Sex-education pioneer Dylis Wentshares David's view.

Watch a lesson in progress, as pupils learn about parenthood from a mother-to-be and a mother and baby.

At Glenbrook Primary in Nottingham, life cycles and reproduction are taught as part of the science curriculum in Year 6, complimented by four lessons from a school nurse. Headteacher Paul Heery is satisfied that this is all the education pupils need until secondary school.

At Sketchley Hill School in Leicester, 60 per cent of parents turned up to a meeting on sex education. The school recognises the subject is important for children, and it begins teaching at Year 5.

Published : Apr 2005

15 mins


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