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World War II



Showing how to teach the second world war to Year 5, these cross-curricular lessons focus on drama, literacy, and design and technology (D&T).

See Key Stage 2 pupils dressing up in second world war clothes and acting out being evacuees, with teacher Ginny Perrin at Hillcrest Primary in Bristol. They then board a virtual train, surrounded by posters and images on the interactive whiteboard which depicts the countryside.

The pupils immerse themselves further in British history by playing games from that era, helping them to build experiences that can be recalled in a literacy lesson.

Ginny's lesson plan sets the context for the KS2 pupils to write letters home to their parents using vocabulary specific to that period. The context adds meaning and purpose to their writing.

Ginny then challenges the class to build a model Anderson Shelter and test its strength. The pupils consider the different properties of materials and which ones would be most suitable for a real shelter.


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