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Stopping the Bullying



How does a school deal with bullying? Should verbal and physical bullying be treated the same? Is one always worse than the other? How should complaints from parents be handled? What if it is the teachers who are being bullied?

The late Ted Wragg conducts an imaginary case study with the help of eight panellists. His story follows the progress of two pupils from primary to secondary school. The dilemmas arise in determining who is the real bully, and who is the real victim.

Key questions raised:

  • When one child verbally abuses another repeatedly and the other child ends up hitting the other - who is the bully?
  • At what point do you need to intervene? And how do you deal with a parent accusing someone of bullying their child?
  • If a situation escalates and a child is threatening another with a chair raised above their head, what should your first reaction be?

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